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Sample Invitation, Save the Date or Announcement Wording

Choose from Here or Your Own

Destination/Beach/Ocean Weddings

Beach #1

On a sandy shore
Near the (Caribbean, Place) sea
We will join our hands in marriage
As we are meant to be!

Join us (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name)

As we celebrate our matrimonial vows.
On (Date)
At (venue/place, address)

Reception follows.

So grab your sandals,
Book your flight
To share an unforgettable day
And a few romantic nights!

Beach #2

In the summer breeze
Hand in Hand
We'll stand as two
Blue skies and Palm trees
Sand in our shoes
Come join us in (Jamaica, place) as we say 'I do!'

(Bride) & (Groom)
Invites you to our exchanging of vows
On (Date)
At (Venue & Address)

Reception follows.

(Reception Place)

RSVP by (date)
Contact (agent) for booking and reservations
Let's tie the knot In paradise!

Beach #3


Wedding #1

A bottled up invite, we're sending to you
From across the land and sea
To announce our wedding
And to declare our love, that's true and meant to be!

(Bride's name) & (Groom's name)
Awaits your presence as we vow to say 'I do'
At (Venue)
Please make it just before (time)
Find your way to (Address)

Dancing and toasts at (Name of reception area)

RSVP by (date)

As this bottle reaches you
On your sandy shore
We send our love and heartfelt gratitude
To you and so much more!

Wedding #2

Once in a while
In an ordinary life
Love gives us a fairytale!
(Groom's name & Bride's name)
Invites you to witness our exchange of marriage vows
At (Time)
At (Venue, Address)

Reception follows
inside the (Banquet Hall/by the pool)

Kindly RSVP by requested (Date) to Text (Phone)
We look forward to share
this new beginning of our lives
together with you.
Thank you in advance!

Wedding #3

We Begin the Journey of our new lives Together.
Please join us as we,
(Groom's name and Bride's name)
Exchange our marriage vows
On (Date)
In a (Garden/Beach) ceremony at (Time)
At Venue, Address)

Reception follows thereafter

If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way,
A monetary or thoughtful one would surely make our wedding day!

Parties Birthday/Anniversary

Beach Birthday/Anniversary Party

It a Party!
Kick off your shoes, And show your toes
As we head for the sand and beach
Margaritas in hand or an ice cold beer
It’s a celebration time,
And We wanna see you there!

Come join us for (Name) (Birthday/Anniversary Party)
On (Date) (Time)
(Venue, Address)

RSVP by Requested (Date)

No suits or curfews allowed!

Kids Party/Suprise

It's a Surprise!
Keep it a secret and don't you dare
Tell it to the birthday (girl/boy)
About this secret affair!

We're throwing a party for (Name)
And would love for you to make it
Here's a word to the wise….
Please come early
For when its time to shout SURPRISE!!


We hope you'll join us
To pull this trick
RSVP phone number/email
And confirm with us quick!

Birthday/Sweet 16 Party

Ice Cream and Cake
And Candy galore
Masks or swords
Balloons and Fun
Don't miss out on the Fun
Starts at our front door!
With candies from Piñatas all on the floors!

You are invited to come celebrate
(Birthday/Graduation/Sweet 16 Party)

On (Date and time)
(Venue and Address)

RSVP phone number/requested (Date)

See you there!